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rejects traditional clothing

History of anti-fashion

Fashion has always been influential throughout history. It’s a form of expression often tied to trends, culture, and lifestyle. But fashion can also move in the opposite direction—anti-fashion. Anti-fashion rejects traditional clothing definitions by turning the status quo on its head and transforming what was once considered “conventional” into something that stands out and makes […]

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5 sustainable fabrics of the future

Nowadays, all fashion brands that are respected by others are trying not to use natural leather or nylon in their clothing collections. Instead, they use sustainable materials that save animals and do not damage the environment. Even though some people doubt whether these experiments make sense, many clothing manufacturers still support the use of vegan […]

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leading women's trends

Women’s trends spring and summer 2023

Are you feeling excited about the official start of spring and summer? We are! To help get you out of your winter blues, we’re here to get you up-to-date with the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing. From bright colors and bold prints to minimalistic designs and innovative fabrics, there is something for everyone this […]

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posing skills

Top 5 Posing Tips

Are you passionate about photography and would love to improve your posing skills? Whether scoring the perfect headshot or capturing magical moments, accurate and well-executed posing can help take any photo from good to great! Here are five essential tips that will help you make sure all of your poses look natural and effortless. Breath […]

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taking memorable photos

Six Exercises for Street Photographers

If you’re a street photographer, you know the importance of capturing candid shots that tell stories and evoke emotion. And with so much to remember when taking those memorable photos — from snapping the perfect angle to scouting out intriguing subjects—it’s no wonder why street photography can take so much energy and focus. So if […]

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