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towering shoe styles

TOP 5 pairs of extreme platform shoes

When making a statement with shoes, extreme platform shoes are the way to go. These towering shoe styles can instantly send any outfit into the stratosphere and create a unique look that will garner plenty of compliments. So whether you’re searching for outrageous designs or something more classic, there’s sure to be the perfect pair […]

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How Mona Lisa affected fashion

The Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile has captivated the world for over 500 years and continues to influence people today. In addition to inspiring countless works of art, this iconic painting has also made a lasting impression on fashion. From clothing and accessories to makeup tutorials inspired by its ethereal quality, the Mona Lisa is a […]

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various unusual bags

The most unusual bags

Do you love to stand out? Are you looking for an accessory that expresses your unique style and personality? Then, you can add the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble with various unusual bags. Read on as we explore some of the most unconventional bags available today! Balenciaga trash bag & lay’s bag Externally, the […]

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status bags

What is it-bag?

Have you ever noticed that one particular handbag seems to be everywhere? It might have been on the arm of a celebrity, spotted in the store window, or shared on social media. The popularity of this bag is known as ‘it-bag’ – but what exactly is it, and how does a bag become one? This […]

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Why everyone wears the Carhartt hat

Why does everyone seem to be wearing the same hat? If so, you’re likely to see Carhartt hats everywhere. The US-based outdoor clothing company has created a style that’s become incredibly popular among men and women alike. However, only some genuinely know why Carhartt hats are in high demand. History of the Carhartt hat Carhartt […]

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sweater design

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ah, the ugly Christmas sweater! For many, it’s an artifact of school dances and family gatherings gone by. You can spot them packed away in closely guarded wardrobes at holiday time or proudly displayed on closet doors for years to come. Whether you love them or hate them, we’ve all got one inspiring us with […]

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pantyhose is returning triumphantly

The return of pantyhose today

Pantyhose have been a controversial fashion trend for decades, with various individuals championing and dismissing them over the years. However, in recent months, something unexpected has happened within the fashion industry – pantyhose is returning triumphantly! From popular magazines’ top runways around the world, it appears that this classic wardrobe staple may be both fashionable […]

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